Here you will find examples of timber damage that can be repaired or replaced, as well as work-in-progress and finished project images from Pete's work with descriptions.

Wall framework termite damage
Wall strength is non-existent because the timber bottom-plate has been eaten away.
Wall termite damage
The full extent of the termite damage was unclear until the gyprock was removed.
Supporting stud termite damage
Bottom-plate and part of the supporting stud have been eaten away by termites.
Closing in under-house area
Client requested the under-house area to be made more presentable with timber paneling.
Closing in under-house area
Here the timber paneling has been completed to the client's satisfaction.
Install new timber framework
Sliding door and door framework are in the process of being removed.
Install new timber framework
The new framework has been installed.
Replace rotting fascia board
The damaged board has been removed ready for replacement.
Repair water damaged wall
Leaking occurred from the water pipes causing damage to house framework and plasterboard.
Repair water damaged wall
Leaking water also caused damage to the door framework.
Wall damage caused by door handle
Initial wall repair incorrectly done so the problem has recurred.
Damaged step treads with owner
One of the step treads was completely rotted through making this set of stairs dangerous for the elderly gentleman.
Rotted step tread
Here's a close-up of the rotted step tread.
Pete painting the fence palings
Pete paints one side plus the edges of the palings prior to visiting the property.
Removing the old fence
The old fence palings and supports must first be removed.
Palings on the fence
The new fence supports and palings have been installed, ready for the front face to be painted.
Fence painted
The front of the fence is painted white, as per the client's request.
Before the palings
The old gate is removed, and new supports are installed.
Front of the gate unpainted
Once the timber palings have been installed, the gate is ready for painting.
Front of the finished gate
Here's the finished front of the gate.
Back of the finished gate
Here's the back of the gate.
Damaged pergola structure
Damaged pergola beam
The beam has rotted and warped and is no longer supportive.
Damaged pergola post
The post has rotted and is at risk of splitting or crumbling.
Old fascia removed
Old rotted fascia board on the roof must first be removed.
Fascia replaced
The old fascia is replaced with a new board.
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